Diagnostic Green | IC-Flow™ Imaging System

IC-Flow™ Imaging System is a handheld device visualizes dynamic Indocyanine Green (ICG) fluorescence images in the tissue providing important information for many applications.

Point of Care System

  1. Compact
  2. Easily portable
  3. Fluorescence image on integrated display
  4. No additional equipment required


Operating Room System

  1. Cart system for organization
  2. Integrated system with monitor
  3. External USB for official recording of patient data
  4. Display of fluorescence image on both touchscreen and monitor


ICG Flow™ Flourescense

Flourescence Principle

The IC-Flow Imaging System visualizes the injected ICG in the tissue. The ICG must be first excited by a near infrared light source of the IC-Flow Camera emits light which excites the ICG. The resulting fluorescent light from ICG is detected by the IC-Flow Camera and displayed on the IC-Flow Monitor.

Unique user benefits

  • Fast booth time
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible configurations to meet specialty needs
    • Full O.R. System
    • Portable Point of Care System
  • Benefits of LED vs. Laser light source
    • No Maintenance
    • Minimal service requirements
  • Backed by Diagnostic Green
    • Global supplier of ICG
    • 20 years experience in Perfusion imaging
      ICG-View green-arrow-small PDE green-arrow-small IC-Flow



ICG Flow™ scan

The use of IC-Flow Imaging System

  1. Due to fast boot up time the IC-Flow Imaging System is ready to use within seconds
  2. With Green Balance ICG Reference Card the user performs a pre-procedure functional check and adjust the camera settings (see IC-Flow User Manual). The IC-Flow Imaging System can be operated via both IC-Flow Camera or touchscreen of the IC-Flow Controller
  3. The ICG is dissolved and injected intravenously
  4. The IC-Flow Camera is held at a distance of 20 cm to the tissue
  5. The Fluorescence image can be displayed on both monitor and touchscreen of the IC-Flow Controller
  6. The user can now record a video or take a picture
  7. For demonstration purpose the data can be transferred to an USB stick